Our workshops are interactive, experiential, and customized to your needs. We design training using the leading workplace assessments with audience - specific content and research. Most of all, our workshop are fun, lively, and effective.

  • Leadership Training
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Communication Training

WORKSHOP: Leading With Confidence


AUDIENCE:  Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors With 0-3 Years of Experience.

OBJECTIVE: This workshop equips learners with the foundation to immediately establish credibility and expectations with their team.   with greater ease.  Learners will learn the interpersonal skills to transition from managing the process to leading a successful team.  The content revolves around real-life situations encountered by “new” leaders.

FORMAT: One or Two Day Workshop

WORKSHOP: The Confident Coach

Leadership Workshop

AUDIENCE:  Managers/Team Leaders/Supervisors

OBJECTIVE: This workshop helps leaders conduct those delicate but critical feedback conversations.  Having the proper skill, courage, and framework to have an effective coaching session can salvage “problem” employees and motivate good ones.  Reduce the stress and uncertainty of giving feedback through this hands-on, lively session.

FORMAT: Full-Day Workshop (Can Include Shortened Personality Assessment)

WORKSHOP: Employment Law Workshop

Leadership Workshop

AUDIENCE:  Managers / Supervisors / Team Leaders.  Human Resource Professionals

OBJECTIVE: Even with all of the attention spent on company handbooks, onboarding, and policy training, there are still close to 100,000 EEOC complaints filed each year. This practical and interactive workshop provides managers with an up-to-date working knowledge of basic employment law.  Based on case-studies, managers will learn how to protect themselves, and your organization, from legal troubles and expensive litigation.  The workshop can be state-specific and customized to supplement your internal policies and procedures.

FORMAT: Half or Full-Day Workshop

WORKSHOP: Certified Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


AUDIENCE:  Managers / Supervisors / Team Leaders.  Human Resource Professionals

The MBTI is the most well-known personality instrument, having been used for over 50 years. It provides insight into extraversion and introversion, how we bring in information, make decisions and order our environment. When all of these factors are put together, it gives us clarity and insight into our own personality preferences, as well as others.

  • Basic  MBTI
  • Myers-Briggs Types &  Teams
  • Introduction to Types & Leadership Development

FORMAT: Half or Full-Day Workshop

WORKSHOP: Impactful Influencing – Harnessing The Power  of Myers-Briggs Type


AUDIENCE: Managers, Teams, College Students, Church Leaders, Non-profit boards. Anyone interested in understanding their personality and how they interact with others.

OBJECTIVE: Maximize team member contributions and effectiveness by providing information on how individuals of each type typically lead, influence others, and contribute to a team. Gain insights into how they can maximize individual and team performance. All backed by the world’s most trusted personality assessment.

FORMAT: Half or Full-Day Workshop

WORKSHOP(S): Communication Training

  •  Impactful Influencing – Learn the techniques behind being more persuasive, confident, and credible.
  • Managing Conflict With Confidence – Conflict is inevitable, combat is optional.  Discover strategies to move from combat and towards resolution.
  • T.N.T. – The New Trainer (Facilitation skills for trainers) – Master sound instructional design and experiential training skills to keep your learners engaged and enthused.

AUDIENCE(S): Managers, Team /Departments, Individual Staff, Trainers

OBJECTIVE: Anyone interested in immediately improving interpersonal, presentation, influencing, and conflict management skills.

FORMAT: Full-Day Workshop